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Zola Jesus wearing Barbara i Gongini

Zola Jesus is a full-fledged artist in every aspect of her life. Her daily life consists of music, mental health, family and fashion. All of which, are fueled by her dedication to leading a thoughtful, holistic lifestyle. From the beginning, she has put her innermost thoughts out for the world to see even when it was difficult, as a way to work through the hardships she was experiencing. Her wardrobe follows suit; which she also uses as an outlet to project who she truly is and what she believes in. This calm cohesion she surrounds herself with is what truly brings life to her work.


Welcome Sally Leung from Lyleu

Vathir had the pleasure to interview Sally Leung, the artisan behind the jewellery label Lyleu. Find out about who Sally Leung is, the production process of Lyleu jewellery and her advice for aspiring artisans.


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