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In dark fashion, the avant-garde style is defined by personality. Design have to be very modern, unusual, but elegant. All clothes should be matched with hats, belts or shoes in the most unusual shapes. Avant garde style mean unusual ones, which catch the eye and does not let you fade in the crowd. In the end, the result of the avant garde has to be a whole form. For this reason, the make-up has to go hand in hand with the all products.

The models may intimidate because what they wear is beyond a normal image. Avant-garde fashion means a little bit of theatre. Most of the time, the clothes cannot be worn in the street because they belong to a flamboyant style. They are very innovative and can be a bit shocking. Somehow, this style does not refer only to fashion. It means a mixture between fashion and art.The avant-garde fashion teaches women to have a certain attitude.