Dress Dementia Black
Nomad Goba - Handmade Clothes
Nomad Goba - Handmade Clothes

Dress Dementia Black

by Nomad Goba


Made of 100% linen.

Made of 100% linen.

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Shipping from: Russia

Designer's terms: Delivery worldwide is carried out by the service of "EMS" (7-14 days), domestic delivery is carried out by the service of "SDEC".
You can return the item and refund the cost within 14 days from the date of delivery.
If you have any questions about returning goods, please, do not hesitate to contant us by email [email protected]

Made of 100% linen.




Nomad Goba

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Nomadism is a walk on the aesthetics of restlessness. Goba is the biggest piece of the cosmic origin iron in the world. NOMAD GOBA makes clothes and perfume for those who came out of the house. Nobody warned. And going to develop a speed of a meteorite. Brand NOMAD GOBA interests in the clash (collision).

Ships From: Russia

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