Gates Opening

There are great visionaries hidden all around the world. This is where you find them.

Vathir [váðir] is new a curated marketplace and establishing hub for emerging designers within the sphere of dark fashion and avant-garde. Based in Sweden, we scour the world to bring you the most prominent and interesting emerging designers.

In an ever more competitive environment, Vathir works to empower the small scale designers. For many designers, it’s getting increasingly more difficult to compete against large established companies, gain exposure, scale their business and connect with people who care about the development process behind the garments. We offer an online platform for these designers and artisans to tell their story and connect with a global community that shares our artisanal values.

We believe that the most important part of the artisanal art form is the people behind the objects, their story and their creative work. As many of Vathir’s visitors comes across our designers for the first time here on Vathir, we will have a focus on introducing them in a broader sense. Through interviews and behind the scenes posts we will dig deeper into who they are, what their story is and where they gain their inspirations.

All purchases through Vathir are made directly from the individuals behind the products. By purchasing through Vathir, you’re supporting their livelihood and keeping the art form of artisanal wear alive.

What we are doing, is building the definite focal point for rising artisans and designers within the sphere of dark fashion and avant-garde. A place where you’ll discover and get to know the greatest visionaries from around the world, and directly be able to purchase their goods.

Welcome to Vathir. This is just the beginning.