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Moscow, Russia

    Studio YOUR NUMBER is founded by Dilya Baynazarova and Lena Kostryukova in 2014. Our main lines are YOUR SHOES NUMBER, YOUR LEATHER OBJECT NUMBER, YOUR CLOTHING NUMBER and YOUR HAT NUMBER, where we’re creating handmade shoes, leather accessories, clothes and hats. Our name uses the word “your” because we want to emphasize the importance of the person involved in our aesthetics and the uniqueness of their experience in our things. Our items help you to be different from others. With them, you become yourself. They have inherent imperfections and an accentuated sense of authenticity.


    In our creativity we apply visual and technical methods that bring craft closer to art. We feel and listen the material, and it tells our hands what form to give it. Exactly this principle of the work has given the name to our first hats’ collection — Abiogenesis. Our practice explores the concepts of sincerity and sensuality of manual work, opposed to the dictatorship of technological progress. We use manual production methods that require us to be detached from the outside world and deeply immersed in the process. 

    In the process of creating a thing, we look back to the past to give it a new identity, intertwining craft traditions with our philosophy of life. We like it when things have an identity and can be used for half of our life. We don’t want to be ahead of trends, we want to be immune to them and create timeless things.

    We do the whole process from the sketch to the finished product independently. It’s absolutely author’s project. We consider ourselves artists who are realized through fashion, working in a free artistic manner. We invest in our subjects personal emotional experience of the world, artistic search and philosophy. We also work in the field of photography, video and installation.


    We have taken part in the several exhibitions: The handsome man (The State Historical Museum, Moscow, 2017), New craft (All- Russian Decorative Art Museum of Fashion and Design Centre, Moscow, 2018), Unity forms Instalation (Zelenyy Tsekh 1121; Gallery in association with Elena Agafonova, Moscow, 2018), Library of Russian Architecture, Design and Crafts (Gallery Magazzino; in the context of the biennial design festival DESiGN.VE, Venice, 2018), Materiality. Reflections (All- Russian Decorative Art Museum of Fashion and Design Centre, Moscow, 2018); New Craft (architectural and ethnographic Museum “Khokhlovka”, Perm region, Ural, 2019).