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To add a product, go to your dashboard via the Dashboard button in the top bar > click Products > Add Product, or duplicate an existing product.

Proceed to enter the product information accordingly:

Product name
Name of item. Include a keyword in the name such as “Jacket” or ”Shoes”

Product Description
Write a few sentences describing the item. If made to order, inform the customer about the expected production time.

Product Details
List details such as material, color, care instructions, production country, measurements and other relevant information.

– X
– X
– X

Check applicable categories, at least three categories should be applied; gender, main category, subcategory. If the item is unisex, check both genders, and the categories under each gender.

Tags are used to optimize on-site searching. Add your own brand name to make your products searchable by your brand name.

Featured Image
Main product photo.

Additional photos. The first additional photo will show when hovering the thumbnail for the product.
Do not re-add the featured image here.

Product Type
If the item has variables such as various sizes, choose ”Variable product”, otherwise choose ”Simple product”.

Enter a Stock-keeping unit.

Enter price in Euro. Prices must match those of your own webshop.

Enter your shipping rates and terms for shipping, returns and exchanges.

Attributes are used for categorization, filtering on the site and for creating variations of the product.

Add all attributes and enter the values that are relevant. If your value is not available, contact us and we’ll have it added.

If your product is available in several sizes – check ”Used for variations” on the Size attribute.

Color variations are ordinarily added as separate products.

(If your product is a ”Simple product”, this part can be skipped)

If your products are made to order, click “Go” on “Add variation”. A variation called “Any size” will be added. Open the variation, check “Manage stock?” and change “Allow backorder?” to “Yes”. This will make the product available for order even when Stock quantity is 0 and notify customers that the item is made to order.

If your products are not made to order, stock has to be added on each variation. To create variations, click ”Add variation” > ”Create variations from all attributes” > ”Go”. A list of all your variations should be added. 

To add the price, click ”Add variation” > ”Set regular prices” > enter price. This will set the price to all variations. 

After submission, the product has to be verified by us.

To add a new product, we recommend duplicating a similar product and editing it.