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Ambassador program application 1

Ambassador PROGRAM

The ambassador program allows you to earn money by supporting your favourite independent designers and referring ambassador to By filling this ambassador program application we will review your application to become an affiliate partner. As an affiliate partner, you’ll be given a referral link with a unique identification, and when customers complete a purchase using your link, you’ll earn commissions.


How it works

Once you’ve been approved, you’ll be issued with an account. Through the affiliate account, you’ll gain access to all necessary tools to set up your unique referral link and start recruiting visitors. Vathir offers real-time statistics and reporting, allowing you to track your amount of visitors and sales you have generated. For each qualified sale referred by you, you’ll earn 10% commission, on a 30-day sales window. At the end of each month, commissions will be paid out to our affiliate partners via PayPal.


To apply for the Vathir ambassador program and become an affiliate partner, please fill in the application form below.

  • Social media accounts, websites, etc.
  • After submitting this form our staff will contact you for more information.