Mark Baigent

About Vathir Marketplace

Vathir [váðir] is a carefully curated online shop and promotional hub for emerging and independent designers with a focus on dark slow fashion. We scour the world, bringing you emerging designers, handpicking the most talented and interesting artisans.

We believe in the small-scale artisans, and work to empower their position in an ever more competitive environment. In a world of rapid mass production, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to compete with large established designer houses and corporations. Vathir takes you back directly to the independent artisan and their work.

When purchasing through Vathir, you’re purchasing directly from the individual artisans and designers behind the products. You’re supporting their livelihood and keeping the art form alive.

We believe that the most important part of the artisanal art form is the people behind the objects, their story, their creative work and their development process behind each item. In addition to being a marketplace, Vathir offers a platform for designers to create a more personal bond with the community through their designer’s page.

We strive to bring together the global community of visionary designers together with the passionate fashion enthusiasts.